Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will a building design professional offer me that a project home company will not?

    Architects and Building Designers have been educated to specialise in design not drafting and will design a 'one-off' home that is very site specific - with all your individual needs factored into the design.
    Project or kit-home builders start with a home already designed for the mass market and is not site specific. At Melandra we only build homes designed by architects or by our in-house design professionals ensuring every home we build is uniquely suited to its location and to the people living in it.

  • Do I need to pay for the initial consultation?

    No. At Melandra Custom Designed Homes, we recognise you will be working with us throughout your entire home building process, so you need to have a strong level of comfort and understanding of who we are and the services we provide.

  • Knock-down & rebuild, or renovate?

    On a per-square-metre basis it is a lot cheaper to knock-down and rebuild than it is to renovate.  If you have an existing property or are looking at making a purchase Melandra can help you determine which option will be most cost effective for your specific property.

  • How long does it take to build a house?

    Construction generally takes four to eight months—depending on weather conditions, and the complexity of your home.  Be aware that delays caused by weather and material shortages, etc. can and do occur.  Therefore, it’s advisable to make certain your current living arrangements are flexible enough to allow for some delays.

  • Understand Your Contract

    Contracting a builder to construct your new house will be one of the biggest commitments you will ever make.  Before you sign anything its important you understand your basic legal rights; Start by reading the contract and understanding it.  If you don’t already have a copy of the Consumer Building Guide issued by Fair Trading please download a copy now.  By law, tradespeople must give consumers a copy of the Consumer building guide issued by Fair Trading before they enter into a contract for residential building work worth more than $5,000.

  • What is the first step to Melandra building my new home?

    The first step in our Custom Design Process is to do an initial site assessment of your land. If you already have a block or you have seen something you are considering buying we can provide you with an assessment of any zoning regulations or restrictions that might affect what you can build.

  • How much will it cost?

    Because every home we build is unique, so is the cost. Whether you use an architect, draw your own plans or use the Melandra 9-Step Custom Design Process, every decision you make throughout the life of the build will impact the total cost of your home.

  • You control the costs

    Before you sign a contact with Melandra Custom Designed Homes we will develop an estimate of costs based on a detailed bill of quantities taken from architects plans or concept designs. When you are ready to proceed we will provide a fixed price contract prior to construction starting. Throughout the life of the project any variations you choose to make are tracked using our ‘two-to-sign’ cost variation tracking system.

  • Can you build in my location?

    Melandra established its reputation as a builder of uncompromising quality and service amidst the heritage homes of the Blue Mountains. Today Melandra work throughout the Greater Sydney Metropolitan and beyond and because we are small boutique builder every job still receives direct supervision by Jeff Manwaring, Master Builder and Director of Melandra Custom Designed Homes.

  • Will I have to deal with Council applications and other legislative requirements?

    No.  Melandra have extensive experience in dealing with local government councils and other statutory bodies. When you begin your relationship with Melandra, the first thing we will do is an assessment of your land to identify zoning restrictions or other issues that could impact on building your home.  Identifying and understanding these issues early will save you a lot of heartache and money down the road.

  • What materials do you build with?

    At Melandra we view our relationship with our clients as a life long partnership.  Because of this we only work with building materials that we are satisfied will perform well over time.  In over 12 years of building houses we have developed a network of suppliers whom we trust to provide the best quality materials.

  • What appliances and fittings can I choose?

    Those choices are completely up to you.  Because we only build custom homes each home we build uniquely represents and reflects the vision of our clients.  We can give you advice on products and appliances that we know and trust from our years of building experience but the final choice will always be yours.  Because the choices you make will also have an impact on the total cost of your new home, we will work with you throughout the selection process to ensure all costs are accurately budgeted for.


img testimonial ivery

"Jeff is a perfectionist, we knew it was going to be absolutely perfectly put together."
- K. Sims

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"Everything was being done on the schedule, on time and on budget"
- I. Scottland

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"I don't think we would have come up with the same house had it not been for his knowledge."
- B. Ivery

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